360 Spin Rapid Dehydration Dust Mop With Buckets

5 reviews
360 Spin Rapid Dehydration Dust Mop With Buckets

360 Spin Rapid Dehydration Dust Mop With Buckets

5 reviews
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2020 new upgrade 2 in 1 rotary folding mop bucket. The combination of rotary washing and spin-drying is easy to operate and can be used with one hand. Even children can use it easily. It is an indispensable helper when cleaning your home. Taking into account both beauty and practicality, compact body, convenient storage, does not occupy extra valuable space.

The flexible mop head design can easily clean the dust in all corners.


  • Our mop heads use high-quality microfibers, with a water absorption rate of over 88%, large size and large area, and efficient cleaning of floor stains, saving you half of the time, suitable for all types of floors, such as marble, tile, concrete floor, wood flooring , Bamboo flooring, etc.

  • The newly upgraded 2-in-1 design combines washing and dehydration, which greatly reduces the size. One bucket can complete two tasks. The lower layer is washed, the upper layer is dehydrated, and the work is efficient, saving time and effort.

  • The design of the retractable mop bar allows you to adjust the length freely, whether it is in the narrow gap or the corner of the sofa bed, or the high ceiling and eaves, or even the top of the car, what you want to clean Places can be easily cleaned.

  • The mop bucket is made of 100% new PP original materials, environmentally friendly and durable, mop buckets kit includes 2 microfiber mop heads.Mop heads are durable, soft material won’t scratch your floor; the sturdy bucket is not easy to crack or leak and safely transports water without fear of spills.

  • Double drainage hole design, the upper and lower ends of the mop bucket have drainage holes, draining dirty water easily and effortlessly, thickened non-slip handles, comfortable feel and safety, the non-skid design of the bottom of the mop bucket can adapt to smooth ground .The body is more stable and will not cause damage to the ground.

  • Mop bucket x1
  • Mop head x2
  • Mop lever x1
  • Instruction Manual x1

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Very pleased with the service I was provided by Pro Bass Lures, thank you for adding my discount after I forgot to apply it.

Martha P.

This one came with the usb charging cable (you connect it to the lure body where both hooks are connected to), and 8 leader lines, AND a bobber. It's hard to shoot a footage to show its underwater movement but basically the propeller at the lure mouth will be turned on after ~2 seconds in water, there will also be a green light indicating it is on. The joints are also good to imitate close-to-real-life movement

Jordan S.

Great experience overall. Very friendly customer service, I had an issue with my lures and they resolved it within a few hours! 

Jacob R.
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