Armor Shield DIY Kit (2020 Model)
  • Protects Your Car, Boat, Motorcycle Up to 3 Years With 1 Application!

  • Easy To Use!

  • Professional Detailer Recommended

10,000 Trusted Customer Reviews

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Limited Stock Available - 3,000 out of 3,200 Sold 

Protective Benefits

Armor Shield IX is a highly durable transparent coat, which is mud repellent, scratch resistant, hydrophobic and much more.

What's in the Ceramic Coating Kit

Getting A “Do-It-Yourself” Ceramic Coating Kit from Hominx means Ready-to-go. No nonsense. Just pure value.

Choose Vehicle Size

1 kit

Regular Car


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Perfect Starter Kit

  • Ideal for Regular cars / Motorbikes

  • Protect Your Paint Up To 3 Years!


2 kits



(Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off)

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Perfect for SUVs / Trucks

  • x2 Coating Layers on Regular cars

  • Protect Your Paint Up To 3-6 Years!

3 kits

Multiple Cars/Boats


(Buy 2 Get 1 Free!)


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Perfect for 2 vehicles and most boats

  • x3 Coating Layers on Regular cars

  • Free Worldwide Shipping

Read What Raving Fans Are Saying!

Thousands of Customers Just Like You!

Joseph P.

"Water Beads Right Off"

“My car never looked this good before! I feel like a million bucks driving around.” The best part is how well these hold up to rock chips. I drove over 1,000 miles and ZERO rock chips! Highly recommend"

Sami R.

"Super Simple and Safe"

“I took my car to a professional detailer who was charging $2,000 to get ceramic coating done. I took a chance and ordered Armor shield and it was the simplest thing I have ever done. The paint just transformed from shiny to WET and I love it!"

Jessi O.

"Bike Pops Now"

" Very well made and clear instructions. It took less than 5 minutes to get the desired effect"

Jordan P.

"Great Bargain For Protection"

I bought this product to ceramic coat my SUV. The product is easy to work with as I had no idea what I was doing prior to this. Clear directions.

As for the result — WOW! My car looks better now that when I picked it up at dealer brand new. The gloss and depth is phenomenal.

Highly recommend this!

Shawn k.

"Restored To New!"

I was skeptical using this on my speedboat but OMG it restored that lost shine I have been trying to achieve with waxing. This stuff here works! Bought some for my buddy and he's boat looks better than mine.


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